dcantu - Some Kind of Strange... (SEQ011)

from Sequencias

Release date: November 2014

Sound clips: bit.ly/3JZ0BwX

Format: 12" Vinyl

A1. Some Kind of Strange... (7:49)
B1. A Space Age Function (4:57)
B2. September (4:31)

2014 has been a slow year for Sequencias in terms of releases. Most of our energy has been spent towards the development of different projects, like our new webstore, that has become an outlet for us to share some of the records that influence the way we do things. So, with the wax offering slowing to a mere trickle, who better to entrust with our sole release for the rest of the calendar year? dcantu, of course.

Cantu's electro-heavy sound is fleshed out here and while still lean enough for dance floors, it makes bolder moves into atmospheric and melodic territory. The A side, "Some Kind of Strange...," begins with long synth strains before one of his signature overdriven drum workouts immediately punches through the lush spectral melody. Cantu runs through the patterns on his 808, weaving a sort of broken beat track that cruises through acidic space time. On the flipside you're treated to the electro/freestyle jam, "A Space Age Function." There aren't many surprises here nor is there any need for them: just pure and grimy electro joy...right down to the pitched down vocal sample and octave-hopping bassline. "September," the beatless coda, is an echo from a childhood spent in dark cinemas with the sounds of Carpenter and Howarth. Tinkling FM bells dot the layers of rich ethereal pads and you can practically hear the clattering of the projector somewhere behind you in the dark.

Also, you probably noticed the changes on our artwork direction. We have made the conscious decision of going with a classic look for the upcoming series of releases. Nonetheless, expect some curveballs during the process.

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